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March 2020

The Tooth Fairy visited aftercare centres in Noupoort on 17th March 2020, to ensure that each and every child in the community’s aftercare centres will get to enjoy a healthy, happy, mouth full of teeth, in celebration of World Oral Health Day, which took place this year on 20th March.

An afternoon programme focused on teaching children about oral care, also included loads of fun and a healthy lunch, all run as part of the community’s local youth-led NGO, Inclusive Neighbourhood Spaces (INS), and sponsored by Noupoort Wind Farm.

“The Tooth Fairy collected old toothbrushes in exchange for new toothbrushes and gave each child a tube of toothpaste as well – and of course taught the children about the importance of oral hygiene,” Sandisiwe Mntonintshi, Economic Development Manager of Noupoort Wind Farm.

The aftercare centres included Ikwhezi Lokusa Primary School, Eurekaville Intermediary School Aftercare, and Noupoort Combined School, reaching more than 100 children across Grades 1 – 3, with Grade 4 learners at Eurekaville Intermediary School.

“We are so happy to have also received special notes form the children for our Tooth Fairy telling her what makes them smile, so that we have some happiness to upload on the community Facebook page,” added Sandisiwe.

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