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September 2019

Working closely with Umsobomvu Municipality, Noupoort Wind Farm has once again put its support behind a unified community sports league, by funding the 2019 season.

“With the support from Noupoort Wind Farm, all players and our sporting clubs, have become more professional. The support is enabling the sporting community of Noupoort to once again see our youth reaching their full potential and striving to reach the pinnacle of any sporting code, which is to become a Professional Sportsman or Sportswoman,” said Emlyn Isaac Lukas, owner of Olympiakos Sports Club.

Soccer remains the most popular sport in the region and it is no different in the town of Noupoort. Through wind farm’s sponsorship the Senior Netball and Senior Soccer League can now look forward to being awarded prize money and administration fees, so that the clubs can perform to their full potential. Two local rugby clubs will also receive funding for transportation to league matches outside of Noupoort.

The Umsobomvu Municipality plays an important role as it provides the sports facilities and maintains them too. “We are grateful for this partnership and for the municipalities’ help in co-ordinating and planning the Leagues,” said Noupoort Wind Farm’s Economic Development Manager Sandiswe Mntonintshi.