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May 2023.

As part of a drive to support local youth in the small rural community of Noupoort, the 2023 sports league is launching on 19 May 2023. This forms part of an ongoing commitment to promote organized sports as a means of providing valuable structure and positive stimuli to the community.

The sports league will feature various sporting codes, including netball, rugby, soccer, 8-ball pool, with an introduction of two new sports, drum majorettes and distance running.

Emlyn, one of the coaches involved in the league, expressed his excitement, stating, “The 2023 sports league season is an immense opportunity for all clubs to showcase the best talent on offer. It is also a year where we would like to bring scouts from professional clubs at the close of the League season to look at the Noupoort talent. We are grateful to Noupoort Wind Farm for its continuous support for the Noupoort Child through sport funding.”

Noupoort Wind Farm is funding the sports league by offering prize money, trophies, and medals for the winners at the end of the season. In addition, the wind farm will also be assisting the Diamonds Rugby Club with funding towards transportation.

“This support will have a significant impact on the players and the community as a whole. As the players showcase their talents and compete to win the respective leagues, the community is extremely excited as it provides a platform for their children to engage in sports and stay out of trouble,” said Noupoort Wind Farm Economic Development Manager, Sandisiwe Mntonintshi.

This continuous support has been instrumental in promoting sports and youth development in the community, providing opportunities for local talent to thrive.