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November 2023.

In a significant boost to local environmental efforts, ‘Bats and Birds Services’, a prominent avifauna company based in Noupoort, has secured a generous donation earmarked for the acquisition of a much-needed company vehicle. This development marks a crucial milestone for the community-focused enterprise, founded by five dedicated locals and supported by Noupoort Wind Farm.

The donation comes at a pivotal moment for ‘Bats and Birds Services’, whose team, now comprising 10 members, is expanding to meet the growing demands of their environmentally conscious initiatives. Noupoort Wind Farm, as part of its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and local enterprise, has been a key supporter of this Noupoort-based company.

“Bats and Birds Services have demonstrated tremendous growth and dedication throughout their journey with us. Not only have they generated employment, but their business has evolved from a start-up to a sustainable enterprise in record time, proving worthy of a second round of funding. The challenges surrounding dependence on hired transport limits business activities, hence we supported their application for assistance to purchase a company vehicle,” stated Noupoort Wind Farm Economic Development Manager, Sandisiwe Mntonintshi.

Noupoort Wind Farm’s support extends beyond financial assistance; they have actively facilitated ‘Birds and Bats Services’ through various stages of development. This includes aiding in business registration, providing essential start-up funding, and engaging in a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation process as part of an intensive business acceleration programme.

Roger Reid, one of the founders of ‘Bats and Birds Services,’ expressed his gratitude, stating, “As a company, we want to express our gratitude for the tremendous support we’ve received from Noupoort Wind Farm. Your support encourages us, especially considering the significant deposit we’ve received. This marks a crucial step in our journey towards sustainability and continued growth.”

The collaboration between ‘Bats and Birds Services’ and Noupoort Wind Farm exemplifies the shared commitment to sustainable community development and the empowerment of local businesses. As the avifauna company takes strides toward expansion, the support received is a testament to the impactful synergy between corporate entities and community-focused initiatives.