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May 2022.

Noupoort Wind Farm has stepped in to help improve security at four local schools by funding the appointment of two security companies, expanding their support of local SMMEs.

With the added benefit of stimulating local employment, fourteen in total, the appointed local security firms, ‘We Did It Security’ and ‘Sinegugu Security’, are also a beneficiaries of Noupoort Wind Farms’ Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Programme, which provided operational funding to these companies last year.

“As a security company that’s not solely focused on profit but on improving the lives of the community members, we are very grateful for the opportunity because it allows us to operate while also serving the community,” said Mfundo Mbengo, of Sinegugu Security.

This appointment will not only ensure the safety of the school’s property, but it will give teachers, parents and learners peace of mind knowing that their learning equipment and materials are protected.

“We are committed to education and believe that this support will help create a safer learning environment, whilst protecting the schools’ resources,” said Sandisiwe Mntonintshi., Economic Development Manager at Noupoort Wind Farm.

While schools are an important pillar for the community’s education, they are also extremely vulnerable to vandalism and theft. As a result, this funding ensures that there is no disruption to the learning calendar that may be caused by theft and vandalism.

“The School Support Security has created an atmosphere for conducive learning and teaching. We feel at ease knowing that our valuable assets are protected and vandalism is unlikely to occur so long as security is in place. Having the security at our school helps to foster a sense of belonging,” concluded Noupoort Combined School principal, Mr. M Barends.

This support was due to a direct request, received by Noupoort Wind Farm from the local community schools, which include: Enoch Mthetho High School, Ikhwezi Lokusa Primary School, Eurekaville Intermediate School, as well as Noupoort Combined School.