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March 2022.

Having identified the need for educator assistants a few years ago, Eureka Intermediate School applied to the Department of Education to fund these posts. But when funding ran short, Noupoort Wind Farm was able to step in to take over the funding of three educator assistants, which commenced in August 2021 and will continue for the remainder of this year.

Educator assistants have enhanced both the learning and teaching environment at the school, as the workload is substantial and can be overwhelming for teachers. In addition to monitoring classrooms and learners, as well as helping learners prepare for tests and exams, the educator assistants also ensure the reinforcement of a positive learning environment by encouraging learners and listening to their concerns.

The school’s Principal, Mr Puley, said that he is delighted to have received the support, which will benefit all the learners who require additional help. “Since the educator assistants were hired, our learners have improved significantly. Learners are more disciplined; perform better in reading; and complete assignments in time,” he said.

Eureka Intermediate School identified the need for educator assistants a few years ago, as the teacher workload is substantial. These assistants directly benefit the learners, as they assist with daily tasks such as copying and typing of assignments; preparing exam question papers; invigilating classes during exams; as well as standing in for educators when they are absent.

“We are pleased to have been able to provide this support to the school, as part of our broader socio-economic development programme which prioritises education and looks for ways to improve educational performance by providing support in this area. As a result, learners and teachers will receive the extra support they need in order to reach their academic goals,” said Noupoort Wind Farm Economic Development Manager, Sandisiwe Mntonintshi.

This funding is one of many education programmes and initiatives that the local wind farm supports in Noupoort, which addresses community development through ECD capacity, ECD practitioner training, as well as primary and high school STEM support. The comprehensive approach extends all the way through to tertiary education, with the bursary programme for Noupoort students.

“One of the assistants has even excelled in the knowledge of SASAMS, filing, printing of HRMS messages and E-mails during his tenure, which has been a great help to me,” concluded Mr Puley.