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August 2021.

The Noupoort Community Healthcare Centre, which services thousands of community residents, has received a much needed X-ray machine, funded by the local Noupoort Wind Farm, as part of its extensive support of primary health care in the area.

With a population of almost 8 000 residents, it has been extremely challenging not to have had this essential medical equipment on hand, resulting in community members having to travel to Colesburg, which only offers x-ray services twice a week. This is of particular concern, as many residents don’t have their own transport or the financial means to travel, consequently they rely on an ambulance to transport them to Colesburg.

Working closely with the local district and provincial Department of Health as well as the Provincial Department of Public Works, the Wind Farm collaborated with these stakeholders to fund the equipment, which was delivered on 19 July and successfully installed within the week.

“On behalf of the Noupoort community and the facility staff, I’d like to express our gratitude to the Noupoort Wind Farm for funding the project, which will assist patient service delivery,” commented Sister Jokka, the Operational Manager at the Noupoort Community Healthcare Centre.

The Noupoort Healthcare Centre is open 24 hours and 7 days per week, rendering emergency services as well as maternity and in-patient care. With access to this equipment, the medical facility will be able to offer better treatment plans, informed by the necessary x-rays as information about patient disease and injuries can be accessed promptly.

The funding forms part of Noupoort Wind Farm’s broader economic development focus, which includes health, social welfare and infrastructure development. “By donating the X-ray unit we are achieving all three target areas, which focus on supporting and improving the social economic conditions of the community,” said Noupoort Wind Farm Economic Development Manager, Sandisiwe Mntonintshi.

Working in collaboration with the District Department of Health over the last two years, Noupoort Wind Farm has funded essential medical equipment for the treatment of CV-19 patients. This includes External Defibrillators and CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machines, which have shown positive results, helping to reduce lung damage during the worst of the COVID-19 infection and allowing the patient to recover from the inflammatory effects.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) has also been supplied to help keep local frontline healthcare workers at Eurekaville Clinic, Nonqo Simon Zono Clinic and the Noupoort Community Health Care Centre safe.
Further information visit the Noupoort Wind Farm website: