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May 2022.

The Noupoort community has received funding in support of three of its sporting leagues, namely soccer, netball, and 8-ball pool. Through this support the community has been able to take part in organised sport and become a member of the South African Football Association (SAFA) at regional level.

“With the funding from Noupoort Wind Farm, we have been able to attract new players. We saw players registering in numbers in our clubs because they were impressed by what they saw. As a result, players from outside of town have come to attend school in Noupoort for the opportunity to play in our sports leagues,” said Peter Klaas, Coach of the Fast Eleven FC.

Funding has been provided by Noupoort Wind Farm, as part of a drive to support local youth in this small rural community. Recognising that organised sport provides valuable structure and positive stimuli, the wind farm originally responded to a request from the local municipality many years ago for funding and has continued to champion sports ever since.

“Sport is in-bedded across cultures and unifies the town. We love our sport and take it very seriously, however, over the years its importance has dwindled as elders aged and passed on. It was our belief that investing in the annual sporting events would be a holistic approach,” said Noupoort Wind Farm Economic Development Manager, Sandisiwe Mntonintshi.

The funding covers medals, soccer and netball kits, trophies, and referee fees. In addition, Noupoort Wind Farm is also funding the Diamonds Rugby Club with transportation money to enable them to honour their away league matches in the Eastern Cape. This includes funding of the Sport Leagues with prize money for each club that participates in the soccer, netball, and 8-ball pool leagues; as well as providing the 10 soccer clubs with new soccer kits; five netball clubs with new netball kits; and the five 8-ball pool clubs with two cue sticks each.

Furthermore, the wind farm also provided funding for Eucaria Booysen to participate in the S.A National High Schools Championships Athletics Event, held in Germiston, Gauteng, 15 to 19 March 2022. She competed in the 100m and 200m sprint races for girls under 16 years.

She expressed her gratitude for the sponsorship by saying, “I would not be here without the support I received from my school, my parents, and Noupoort Wind Farm. To reach that level of competition, and to compete against the best in the country, was an honour for me. I’m grateful to my community for all the love and support that it’s shown me.”