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mid 2016

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May 2024.

Over 30 communal farmers in Noupoort are being upskilled and supported as part of a three-year enterprise development programme, initiated earlier this year. Funded by Noupoort Wind Farm in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and the Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality, this Livestock for Livelihoods Programme is designed to enhance the lives of local farmers by providing tailored assistance and resources to bolster their livestock farming enterprises.

This initiative, implemented in collaboration with Scale Impact, places a strong emphasis on stimulating productivity as a key component. “This programme is important because there are few other readily available income sources for the community and in supporting communal farmers we are enabling them to better preserve their livelihoods as well as manage their natural environment,” said Kim Barns of Scaled Impact, service providers of the programme.

The programme aims to equip farmers with essential skills in sheep handling, business management, and identifying high-value product chains such as wool, as well as increasing household incomes and fostering economic growth within the community.

“Livestock farming, especially sheep farming, is vital to the livelihoods of communal farmers in the region. However, many of our local farmers are confined to subsistence farming, restricting market access and hindering income growth. Our programme aims to tackle these challenges head-on through tailored assistance and training. In its first year, the programme focuses on understanding farmers’ needs, forming partnerships with agricultural experts, and laying the foundation for future initiatives,” stated Noupoort Wind Farm Economic Development Manager, Sandisiwe Mntonintshi.

The focus of the programme is to grow the assets associated with sheep farming, focus on the land and water management and increase farmer productivity that ultimately increases household incomes and positively impacts their families.