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turbines installed and connected to the grid


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mid 2016

Construction Completed

91 835

homes to be powered
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Noupoort Wind Farm supports Eureka Primary’s School Library

In support of education and as part of Noupoort Wind Farm’s social development programme, R30 000’s worth of books have been donated to Eureka Primary School. The books include Grade R – 7 Afrikaans curriculum books, teacher aids and activity books for the library. This is the first time that the library has received new books since the school was founded almost fifty years ago. “A school library is a fundamental resource for supporting students’ learning, a key support for teaching staff and is central to learning as well as being a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving,” said Livhuwani Nwachukwu, Economic Development Manager for Noupoort Wind Farm.
Noupoort Wind Farm supports education within the local community of Noupoort and is particularly dedicated to improving literacy levels. “School libraries make a difference to learners’ understanding, are an important part of the school community and assist in helping to improve literacy,” added Nwachukwu. Literacy is not only the ability to read and write, but rather in a person’s capacity to apply these skills to effectively connect, interpret and discern the intricacies of the world in which they live.
Eureka Primary School was founded in 1969 and is situated in the neighbourhood of Eurekaville, where the majority of the students reside. The school has 722 learners under the leadership of its Principal, Mr M.L.H Puley and a staff of 22 teachers. “We are particularly pleased to be able to assist Eureka Primary as its principals and teachers are so dedicated and passionate about education, and do their best with the resources they have on hand,” concluded Nwachukwu.

May 2016