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October 2019

A number of practitioners, principals and Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in the Noupoort community have been recognised and awarded by the Education Quality Forum (EQF), which forms part of the Inclusive Neighbourhood Spaces team.

“The EQF forum is a body of ECD practitioners who hold the local Noupoort Early Childhood Development centres accountable to norms and standards as set out by the Department of Social Development,” explained Sandisiwe Mntonintshi Economic Development Manager of Noupoort Wind Farm, who fund the project as part of their socio-economic development programme.

The input of this project includes monthly site visits to EDC centres, where the EQC forum members observe the practitioners’ daily programmes and provide feedback as well as recommendations for improvements. The evaluation includes six broad categories: Management of education programme; Nutritional programme; Adherence to child protection policies; Active participation and support of school governing body; Best Practitioner; Best Principal.

The award for ‘Adherence to the Child Protection Act and Childhood Protection Policies’ was awarded to Zingce ECD centre.

“It is very encouraging to see the marked improvement in the local ECD centre and we are proud to note that since January 2019, it has been reported that 75% of the ECD centres have shown a noticeable improvement in adhering to child protection policies, which is of utmost importance in our society,” added Mntonintshi.

Some of the other awards included:
• The Best Practitioner of the Year award went to Jessica Alfred, for her dedication, consistency and passion for teaching.
• The Best Early Childhood Development Principal of the Year was awarded to Vuyelwa Fuba, earlier this year. “The dedication, passion, and consistence from the principal is exceptional. Her love for what she does and the way that she serves her community deserves every acknowledgement and encouragement,” said the EQF panellist.
• The Overall Nutritional Programme was awarded to Zingce ECD Centre. This ECD centre not only cooked healthy food but the space where they prepare food was always clean and safe. They serve balanced meals to children.
• Management of Outcomes Based Education Programmes was awarded to Vrokile Vinkies Creche.
The Education Quality Forum, which is part of the Inclusive Neighbourhood Spaces team did monthly inspections during 2018 and the winners were selected based on their reports.